We offer a variety of services to the oil and gas industry. We take pride in the training of our employees to safely and professionally work for our customers. We work hard to take the burden off of our customers and provide peace of mind that the job will be done right!

Professional Water Hauling Services

  • Production

  • Brine

  • Flow Back

  • Fresh

  • Waste

Roustabout/General Labor

  • Equipment grounding

  • Site maintenance

  • Machine operating

Truck Spotting

  • Water Trucks

  • Sand Trucks

  • Machines

Logistic Solutions

  • Equipment rentals

  • Truck schedules

  • Specialized transportation needs

  • Water sourcing and disposal

Freight Trucking-we offer over the road trucking to customers and go all over the country.

  • Steel sheets and coils

  • Joists for buildings

  • Insulation

  • Machinery

  • Pipe

  • Freight of All Kinds

Mobilizations-we offer mobilization of various pieces of equipment from site to site as the customer requests.

  • Telehandlers

  • Man Lifts

  • Skid steers

  • Etc.

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